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14/04/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

According to Eurostat research, over 5,500 people die each year in Europe as a result of accidents in the workplace. The European Statistics on Accidents at Work revealed that 2.9% of workers who had an accident resulted in them taking at least three days sickness absence. On a wider level in the EU - 27, 23 million people reported a work related health problem in the same year. With each EU Member State having its own health and safety regime, health and safety statistics vary across Europe. Although health and safety concerns have traditionally focused on a number of specific industry sectors such as construction, manufacturing, forestry and agriculture, a new report published by the Commission on work-related stress has highlighted the existence of other factors undermining the health and well-being of individuals in the workplace, such as mental health issues. It is clear that many factors can impact negatively upon safety, health and well-being in the workplace - stress, occupational illnesses and inadequate accident prevention or risk assessment mechanisms in place within companies and organisations.

With the Commission eager to bring workplace health and safety issues to the top of the EU and national agendas, this timely International Symposium analyses existing health and safety frameworks and discusses the key issues involved in strengthening regulatory systems across Europe and improving health and safety practices at the local level:

  • Occupational Illnesses/Diseases at Work
  • Effective Risk Assessments and Accident Prevention
  • Overcoming Stress at Work and Recognising Mental Health Issues
  • Improving Well-being at Work
  • Exchange of Comparative Best Practices in Europe.

The Centre for Parliamentary Studies welcomes the participation of all key partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders. The Symposium will support the exchange of ideas and best practices and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debate.

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Brussels, Belgium
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