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09/05/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

The main topics will be the following: 

  • The history, the present and the future of the Occupational Health Nurse in Spain
  • The Occupational Health Nurse specialist, competencies and advanced practice in the EU
  • Work life balance
  • New emerging risks
  • The role of the Occupational Health Nurse in economic crisis situations - downsizing.

Strategies to prevent:

  • Psycho-social risk factors.
  • Dealing with an ageing workforce / the effect of increasing the retirement age
  • Psychosocial risk management / Best practice interventions
  • Prevention Strategies to reduce the costs of MSDs
  • Shiftwork and Health
  • The role of the Occupational Health Nurse in accident prevention at the workplace
  • Disaster Management at the work place
  • The Role of the Occupational Health Nurse in Workplace Health Promotion / Influencing the future through evidence based practice.
  • The mobility of the European workforce from an occupational health and safety perspective.
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Tarragona, Spain
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