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26/05/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

Parents have an enormous influence over the development, education, health and well being of their children. Rapid social, demographic and economic changes over recent decades mean that the demands and pressures on parents are changing. It is important that policies designed to support parents and improve the quality of parenting have a secure evidence base and are relevant to the circumstances of today's families. In Britain we are fortunate to have uniquely detailed longitudinal evidence from the cohort studies and other longitudinal studies on the ways that parenting and childhood circumstances can impact on individuals through the life course. These studies also enable us to understand how families and parenting are changing over time.

This conference provides an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and those influencing policy to come together to share information about the latest research evidence and discuss implications for policy.

The conference will be of interest to:

  • Researchers with a substantive interest in parenting
  • Practitioners who are working to support parents and promote effective parenting
  • Local Authority officers with responsibility for helping children to achieve more, reducing inequality and supporting the vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • Those working with vulnerable children and families with multiple problems
  • Charities and funding organisations interested in promoting effective parenting
  • Those involved in influencing and making policy relating to parenting and child well being
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London, UK
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