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08/06/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

Following the first conference in Paris (September 2005) and the second in Naples (November 2009), this is the third European conference organised on the theme of Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Schools. The conference will provide a forum for education and mental health professionals to share practice, research and new ideas and to review the impact of current changes in the direction of health and education policies. Both research and clinical experience have demonstrated that promoting mental health in children and young people improves academic achievement, reduces exclusions and increases the wellbeing of schools, families and communities. Awareness of the importance of the psychological and emotional well-being of young people in school settings is increasingly recognised and it is becoming more prominent in political discourses across Europe. However, while this is a popular, desired outcome, it is not always easy to identify the ways in which emotional well-being can be promoted and sustained. There are many innovative and creative ways in which the emotional well-being of children and young people is developed in schools and education settings, and this conference is an opportunity to share ideas and practice with a wide range of colleagues across Europe and further afield, from a variety of education and mental health contexts. This conference is suitable for anyone working with children and young people or within an educational setting, including education and mental health professionals, teachers, social workers, SENCOs, learning mentors, counsellors, psychotherapists, CAMHS workers and educational psychologists.
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Cambridge, UK
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