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21/06/2011 - Submitted by: Hohenstein Rena

Welcome to the 43th Annual Nordic Ergonomics Society Conference We have a great pleasure inviting you to the 43th Annual Conference of the Nordic Ergonomics Society.

The annual conference rotates among the Nordic countries, and in 2011 the Finnish Ergonomics Society will host the conference in Oulu, the technological Capital of Northern Finland. The Nordic Ergonomics Society (NES) conference brings together researchers and practitioners with an interest in ergonomics. This facilitates the sharing of results and contributes to the foundation of networks as well as improving the quality of ergonomics.

The organizers invite participants from all over the world to join this traditional Nordic conference. The theme of the conference is "Wellbeing and Innovation Through Ergonomics". We recognise that the approach is very wide, including physical, mental as well as social dimensions, but this is the way we see Nordic ergonomics at the moment and in the future, too. It's now time to evaluate the impact of ergonomics on wellbeing in society.

The conference language will be English. Ritva Ketola Chair of the Finnish Ergonomics Society

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Oulu, Finland
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