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12/07/2011 - Submitted by: Lang Gert

Correlation is known as a network, which brings together people and different stakeholders – such as service providers, service users, researchers and policy makers – with the aim to break down barriers and to create new and innovative ways of cooperation and approaches.

The conference is built on this principle. The programme includes high level policy plenary and major discussions as well as abstract driven sessions and skill building workshops. In addition there will be the opportunity to exchange knowledge and information in a more informal way during the 'Dialogue Market', in which participating organisations can present their work and exchange information with other participants. The main language of the conference is English. Specific satellite sessions in Slovenian are planned.

The conference will focus on methodology and strategies, which improve the health and social situation of vulnerable groups – such as drug user, sex worker, young people at risk, migrants and MSM.


  • To facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge between practitioners, researchers, community members and policy makers
  • To present and promote innovative and good practice examples, partly developed within the framework of Correlation
  • To build capacities among practitioners, researchers, community members and policy makers
  • To initiate collaboration and networking between practitioners, researchers, community members and policy makers

A number of key issues will be covered:

  • HIV/Aids and Hepatitis C among marginalised groups
  • Harm reduction responses
  • Peer Involvement and Peer Support
  • Outreach and Early Interventions
  • Ehealth outreach strategies
  • Civil society involvement
  • Policy issues
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