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  • Launch of the 1st European Men’s Health Report
    The first report detailing the state of men’s health in Europe has just been launched.
  • OECD Launches a Wellbeing Index
    The OECD today unveiled a new, interactive index that will let people measure and compare their lives in a way that goes beyond traditional GDP numbers.
  • Mental Illness 'Top Reason to Claim Incapacity Benefit'
    Mental health problems have overtaken musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain as the main reason for incapacity benefit claims, researchers have said.
  • Report on Long-term Care
    On the 18th of May, the OECD published a report co-financed by DG Health & Consumers entitled: "Help Wanted? Providing and Paying for Long-term Care".
  • Mental Health Pact Conference on the Workplace
    The Mental Health Pact conference in Berlin has just completed its work. This is the last conference in a series that have been designed to raise awareness and generate policy action for mental health promotion in the Member States in a range of settings. The Berlin conference was concerned with the workplace setting.
  • New Project on Job Retention and Reintegration
    A new project on job retention and reintegration has just kicked off in Berlin on March 2nd 2011. This project, which is the 8th initiative of the ENWHP, is called promoting healthy work for employees with chronic illness.
  • The Finnish WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Promotion, Prevention and Policy Visited GeroCenter in Jyväskylä Finland
    The aim of this visit to the GeroCenter in Jyväskylä Finland was to familiarise the ongoing projects and activities of both the GeroCenter and WHO CC. The aim of the GeroCenter is to maintain and promote functional ability and well-being among older people as well as to generate the intellectual and operational prerequisites for good aging. This aim is approached on the basis of knowledge gained from gerontology and other disciplines focusing on aging research. In the GeroCenter service-providers, private businesses and researchers create a forum for wide interaction in the broad field of ageing issues. At this interface, the research results are translated into social innovations and potential service products.
  • Consultation on the pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing
    The European Commission is seeking the views of public and private organisations, companies and individual citizens on how Europe could scale up innovation to meet the challenges of the ageing population in Europe, and in particular on a pilot European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on active and healthy ageing. Between 2010 and 2030, the number of Europeans aged over 65 will rise by nearly 40%, posing huge challenges but also offering great opportunities for Europe's society and economy.
  • Report on High Level EU Conference
    The high level conference on ‘Investing in wellbeing at work: addressing psychosocial risks at times of change’ addressed an economic phenomenon that is having a profound impact on mental health. Economic restructuring – the process whereby enterprises change size and structure – can leads to changes in working conditions, redeployment, work flexibilisation and unemployment. These in turn results in poorer mental health.
  • Health-EU Newsletter: High-Level Conference on Dementia
    Health-EU Newsletter: High-Level Conference on Dementia

Results 31 to 40 out of 46.