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  • DG Employment publishes guidelines on mental health at work
    DG Employment has just published guidelines on mental health at work as part of the results of a recent study involving Prevent, Work Research Centre, University of Nottingham, the London School of Economics and TNO. This study examined the case for workplaces doing more to prevent and manage mental health issues of their employees. It examined the current legislative provisions in the area and examined the case for introducing further legislation.

    As part of this work, new guidelines have been developed which integrate occupational health and safety, mental health promotion and absence management approaches to mental health issues. In doing so, they look to extend the field beyond a sole focus on workplace factors and to include mental health issues that arise from outside of the workplace.

    The study has also produced an interpretive note on mental health issues at work. This provides an interpretation of currently existing legislation in the area with a view to pointing to the ways in which it can be used as the basis for wider action on mental health at work.

    The project has also produced a final report which integrates these documents as well as providing a useful summary of current literature and an assessment of potential scenarios for the future.

    The reports from this project can be downloaded from: