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17/11/2010 - Submitted by: Tilia Bousios

The European Commission together with the Belgium presidency of the Council of the European Union is holding a three day conference Forum on wellbeing at work in times of economic change.
The organisation of work is changing rapidly. The economic crisis has accelerated the pace at which Europe's companies and their workers have to adapt. Restructuring can create opportunities but it also puts mental strain on those who are affected, the "victims", but also the "survivors". Restructuring at the workplace can have a profound impact on health. Understandably, this concern is often overshadowed by immediate material concerns. But new research evidence shows that neglecting the health side of restructuring comes at a high price for workers, the organisation and for society.

The purpose of the Forum will be the occasion to hear and discuss:

  •  The latest research findings on the health impact of restructuring, on stress at work, and on the reality of risk assessments at Europe's workplaces
  •  New information on the implementation of the European social partners' framework agreement on work-related stress, including the Commission's report, to be published in November
  •  High-level presentations on the political framework in Member States

Dr. Richard Wynne of the WRC will address the Forum on the ProMenPol tools database and how it may be used to help mitigate the effects of economic restructuring on the mental health of workers.

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