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16/04/2012 - Submitted by: Solin Pia

The first European Conference on Patient Empowerment was held in Copenhagen on 11.-12.4.2012. Over 200 participants joined the conference and they represented researchers, policymakers as well as representatives from patient organisations, thus giving a chance for interesting dialogue between the actors. The clear message of the conference was that change in health care system is possible, if patient empowerment can be seen as a resource, not a problem. Empowered patients are able to do healthier and more individual choices in related to their health care. One of the key elements of successful utilisation of patient empowerment is joined expertise and decision-making between doctor and patient. However, it was pointed out, that empowerment should not be a burden for the patient. Not everyone is able or willing to participate more than as a receiver of care. The conference programme as well as key note presentations can be found from:
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Pia Solin
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