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05/03/2013 - Submitted by: Wynne Richard

The Kickoff meeting of Work Package 6 of the Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-Being took place in Berlin at the 25th and the 26th of February. The main objective of this work package is to develop an action framework to support enterprises in adopting policies and practices which prevent mental ill-health and strengthen positive mental health, based on improved cooperation and co-ordination among the relevant stakeholders in participating Member States who have a role in this context. This work package will organize a structured exchange of experiences between the non- company based stakeholders in the fields of labour and health policy, social partners and social security across all participating Member States. These include Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany ( WP leader), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The exchange will be organized a workshop in May 2014 in Berlin and will be based on national SWOT analyses on the basis of which both common aspects and differences can be determined. The results of this process will be presented and discussed at a concluding European symposium in the end of 2015.
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