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27/03/2013 - Submitted by: Wynne Richard


The ENWHP has just launched European Guidelines on Return to Work for people with chronic illnesses, including mental health problems. These guidelines are aimed at managers in enterprises and they provide a practical guide to ensuring that the employee has the best possible chance of successfully returning to work.  Produced by the PhWork project, the guide is called "Promoting healthy work for workers with chronic illness: A guide to good practice", is easy to read and discusses the following topics: 
  • A good practice guide on chronic illness at work 
  • What is meant by workplace health promotion, return to work and chronic illness in the context of sustainable employment? 
  • What employers can do to promote healthy work 
  • What you can do: A six-step action plan 
  • Recommendations 
The guidelines are available at:
This will be available in 11 languages
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European Network for Workplace Health Promotion
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