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14/11/2013 - Submitted by: Boussios Tilia

In December 2010, the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) of the European Commission's Directorate General for Health and Consumers commissioned this project to provide an up-to-date profile of mental health systems across European Members States and other countries, with a focus on mental illness prevention and mental health promotion activities. This was to inform the European Union's work within and between Member States and other countries and provide a further platform for future EU work in the field. The report comprises: a review of the relevant European literature;

  • a review of the relevant European literature;
  • a series of 29 country profiles (EU Member States and Norway), and analyses of these;
  • suggestions for strengthening systems to support prevention and promotion;
  • economic and social benefits of investments in prevention and promotion;
  • existing monitoring indicators to assess the quality of mental healthcare;
  • future plans for prevention and promotion in Member States and other countries;
  • discussion and policy recommendations for Member States and the European Commission.


For a copy of the report please visit the Institute of Mental Heatlh website

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