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24/10/2014 - Submitted by: Lang Gert

The aim of the MENTA50+ project is to contribute to the mental fitness of an ageing society. This handbook “Learning to take actions for mental fitness and wellbeing in older age” was developed 2013 and 2014 for interested stakeholders who intend to promote mental fitness and mental wellbeing of older people. The handbook serves as a theoretical and practical background for various user groups on an individual and organisational level. It will help to deliver activities for older people on mental wellbeing and fitness. The handbook also serves as the background information for a 30 hour health promoting course activity.This handbook includes a detailed definition of the framework and contents based on mutual consensus of project partners and their national advisory boards. More specifically, the handbook structure is: 1. Introduction to the handbook 2. Generic section: Why promote mental fitness in ageing societies? 3. Specific section: How to promote mental fitness of older people? The generic section provides a short introduction to the topic of cognitive stimulation and also has some reference to social interaction. The specific section is designed as a Toolbox which gives practical examples on how to promote mental fitness, presented through five modules. These five modules are: - Mental fitness - Stress management and mental fitness - Social networks and mental fitness - Nutrition and mental fitness - Physical fitness and mental fitness Each module is briefly introduced theoretically. Moreover, for each module eight different exercises and activities are described in detail so that a facilitator can put them into practice with older people. Finally, there is a short glossary of important terms and bibliography of references included in the handbook.
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Lang, Gert; Weiser, Erentraud; Hofer, Kathrin; Nagy, Enikö; Bódi, Zsuzsanna; Orosz, Anna Linda; Kengyel, Gabriella; Polonyi, Tünde; Gaál, Zsófia; Delgado Peña, J. Jesús; García Martín, Miguel A.; Leiva Rojo, Jorge; Martín Martín, Francisco M.; Fabbro, Alessia; Cimenti, Matteo; Lazzari, Andrea Giuseppe; Chandler, Keith; Anderson, Brian; Ellwand, David; Chronopoulou, Xenia; Anagnostaki, Olga; Tziortzis, Charalambos; Sepou, Despo;Mager, Orna; Medina, Hana; Ashkenazi, Riki; Zvika, Volk
English | German


MENTA50+ Consortium
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