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06/12/2010 - Submitted by: Lang Gert

The Network of Trainers in Europe is a result of a Leonardo funded project which aims to establish linkage between researchers and practitioners of VET training across Europe.
On the left column of the starting page you find the outcome of the project: results of a survey, conference proceedings, and links to related projects. But the most important aspect is the network functionality of the platform. The main aim is to connect people with similar interest in the VET topic. Each member can set up own blogs and discussion groups in any language he or she prefers that is related to the topic of VET teachers and trainers. Personal contacts and exchanges can be established by becoming friends with other members of the network similar to other social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.
Additionally the platform seeks to provide information about upcoming events related to this topic. Events are any kind of events related to the topic of VET trainers e. g. workshop, conferences, professional development courses. We asked all members to share the information about upcoming events no matter whether it is a national or European event or if they are affiliated with it or not. Everything that is of interest on this topic will hopefully find its way on the platform.
Languages: English
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