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01/06/2007 - Submitted by: Argyro Kazaki

The Mental Health Story

  • One in four people will suffer from a mental or neurological disorder at some point during their lifetime. 450 million people are currently affected by these disorders.
  • 121 million people suffer from depression and 50 million from epilepsy. 24 million people suffer from schizophrenia.
  • Every year, one million people commit suicide. 10 to 20 million attempt suicide.

Metal Disorders Affect All People in All Countries

Neuropsychiatric disorders account for nearly one-third of the disability in the world. This disability is present in every region of the world

People do not get the Care they Need

…because of lack of resources …because of fear of seeking help …because of lack of policies.

There are Solutions

People can be successfully treated.

  • Depression Up to 60% of patients recover
  • Substance abuse Up to 60% reduction in drug use
  • Epilepsy Up to 73% of patients live free from seizures
  • Schizophrenia Up to 77% of patients live without relapses

This is the Way Forward

  • Provide treatment in primary care. Make psychotropic medicines available.
  • Provide care in the community. Educate the public.
  • Involve communities, families and consumers. Establish national policies, programmes and legislation.
  • Develop human resources. Link with other sectors.
  • Monitor community mental health. Support more research.
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