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01/06/2007 - Submitted by: Argyro Kazaki

This Action Plan is endorsed in the Mental Health Declaration for Europe by ministers of health of the Member States in the WHO European Region. They support its implementation in accordance with each country’s needs and resources.

The challenges over the next five to ten years are to develop, implement and evaluate policies and legislation that will deliver mental health activities capable of improving the well-being of the whole population, preventing mental health problems and enhancing the inclusion and
functioning of people experiencing mental health problems. The priorities for the next decade are to:

  • foster awareness of the importance of mental well-being;
  • collectively tackle stigma, discrimination and inequality, and empower and support people with mental health problems and their families to be actively engaged in this process;
  • design and implement comprehensive, integrated and efficient mental health systems that cover promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, care and recovery;
  • address the need for a competent workforce, effective in all these areas;
  • recognize the experience and knowledge of service users and carers1 as an important basis for planning and developing services.

This Action Plan proposes ways and means of developing, implementing and reinforcing comprehensive mental health policies in the countries of the WHO European Region, requiring action in the 12 areas as set out below. Countries will reflect these policies in their own mental
health strategies and plans, to determine what will be delivered over the next five and ten years.

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