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25/02/2009 - Submitted by: Argyro Kazaki

In announcing the Call for Evidence, Dame Carol posed eight questions to indicate the wide remit of the Review and provide a focus for debate. In total, 267 written responses were received from a broad range of sources, of which 152 were from various types of organisation and 115 from individuals. Organisations which responded included representative bodies (e.g. trade associations,, employers, academic institutions, medical bodies, and central and local government. Individuals who responded represented a wide range of backgrounds, including general practitioners (GP’s), OH specialists, academics and the general public. The responses varied from extensive research reports to personal experience and perspectives. Some submissions covered all eight questions and some focused only on specific issues of interest to the respondent. The proportion of responses covering specific questions varied from around 60% (keeping the working age population healthy) to about 35% (impact on poverty and social inclusion). The responses were considered by Dame Carol and analysed to inform the findings of her Review. This document summarises the evidence contained in the responses and shows how it informed the recommendations in Dame Carol’s report.

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